Welcome Chandler Anderson Group, Tim Anderson and Harry Chandler

Chandler Anderson Group
Chandler Anderson Group

We are happy to announce that Tim Anderson and Harry Chandler of the Chandler Anderson Group have joined BloomTree Realty. Some of the Prescott area’s top real estate agents have been making a move to BloomTree, and now Tim and Harry have done the same. We’re thrilled to have them come on board! Tim and Harry came to BloomTree Realty from Windermere to find a brokerage partner to better fit their business goals. We couldn’t be more proud!
Tim Anderson
Tim has been in the real estate industry since 1976. His passion for the people he works with has established Tim as one of the top real estate agents in Prescott. He takes the time to discover his clients’ wants and needs and also to educate them with all the details. With strong market awareness and knowledge of home financing options, he guides his clients through the home buying process with ease. Tim believes that honesty and attention to the needs of the clients have been the keys to his success.  As both a listing agent and buyer representative for new construction, Tim continues to provide both buyers and sellers with the best representation possible.
Harry Chandler
Harry has lived in the Prescott area since February 2003 and has been selling real estate for 11 years. Having relocated from California, he believes he has found the perfect place to live. Harry likes to tell his friends and family that he has found “Mayberry” of the Southwest. The locals refer to Prescott as “everybody’s home town” with good reason. You can’t go into a restaurant more than twice without the owner calling you by name. Harry’s knowledge and understanding of the Prescott real estate market, would be the perfect fit to help those looking for the right home. With over 47 years of experience in construction and real estate, Harry brings his experience in marketing for clients wishing to sell their homes.

Please join us in welcoming Tim and Harry on board! You can contact them at tim@prescottfinehomes.net or harry@prescottfinehomes.net. You can also find them on the web at the links above or on the BloomTree Realty website here.