30 Tools You Can Use to Market Your Business – Training Event

Join Us for This Master Series Training Free Event!

Real Estate Training Class

June 17th at our new location in Downtown Prescott, 1:30 to 3:00.

Real Estate TrainingSpace is limited.  Register now to reserve your spot! 

At BloomTree Realty we believe in giving back to the community that supports us, and that includes our local business community and those that we work with in the real estate industry.  BloomTree regularly offers our Master Series Training courses to our agents, and we’re pleased to open this course to our business colleagues and community.

Join us for 30 Tools to Market Your Business, with our own VP of Marketing, Stacy Stateham and our Brand Ambassador, Jess Vibber.

Business Graphics for Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Reviews, and more.

We’ll be covering a lot of ground in a short time, so we will be available after the class for questions, and downloads will be made available to class participants after the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!

About the trainers:

Stacy Stateham came to BloomTree with vast marketing and business experience.  She owned and operated a marketing consultancy working primarily with small businesses, worked in regional development with a national real estate franchise company, and has past experience in sales and marketing management in the corporate world.   Unlike many teachers and trainers in the real estate industry, she also has “feet on the ground” experience as a Realtor, and is an Inman Ambassador.
Jess Vibber, our Brand Ambassador here at BloomTree, manages our social media presence and has a hand in many of the inner workings behind our marketing.  She brings a wealth of hands-on knowledge of social media and how to build engagement online.
They will be sharing their combined knowledge to give you new tools and ideas that you can use to market your own business.


John Gorden Moves to BloomTree Realty

John Gorden Prescott AZ RealtorWe’ve seen a trend happening.  Some of the Prescott area’s top agents have been making a move to BloomTree, and now John Gorden has done the same.  We’re thrilled to have him come on board!  John came to BloomTree from Realty Executives to find a brokerage partner to better fit his business goals, and as he says it “there’s a great feeling of energy and cooperation here and I wanted to be a part of that”.

Here at BloomTree we pride ourselves on always putting the client first, and John does just that.  He has a knack for helping clients find the home that fits their needs as well as their lifestyle and he uses his in depth knowledge of Prescott subdivisions and areas as well as listening carefully to his clients to do just that.  In addition to his work with home buyers and sellers John also has extensive experience in commercial properties, and we know our expertise on the “business side of the business” here at BloomTree will be a great match for John to be able expand as our commercial real estate division continues to grow.  Continue reading “John Gorden Moves to BloomTree Realty”

The Senseless Loss of Agent Beverly Carter Creates a Focus on Agent Safety

realtor safety in the wake of the loss of agent beverly carter

The recent news regarding the senseless murder of Arkansas agent Beverly Carter has real estate agents and brokers across the country not only stunned and saddened but also taking a serious look at what we can do within our industry to ensure our own personal safety.  While this case has been extremely high profile, it is not an isolated incident.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Dept. of Labor shows that there were 25 homicides of real estate related workers in 2013.  That’s just the homicides.  It doesn’t include robberies, sexual assaults, and other violent crimes. Continue reading “The Senseless Loss of Agent Beverly Carter Creates a Focus on Agent Safety”

Saving Prescott Schools is better than Having Someone Bring Your Coffee to Your Desk

prescott schoolscarissa maxwell boomtree agent prescott*This post is contributed by BloomTree agent Carissa Maxwell.  These opinions are her own and may not necessarily reflect those of the company as a whole or our other agents.   In addition to her work with BloomTree Realty she is passionate about Prescott Schools and is active in our community.


I would like to start out by saying that I have no qualms about professionals having a secretary. If anything, I could use one of my own here and there for my clerical work. It would give me more time to talk with clients and get into more meetings instead of using that time to do more tedious tasks.

However, if things get tight in my budget, this would be the first thing to go when evaluating my business finances. I would “cut the fat” in my budget until things picked back up again. I am capable of answering my own emails, writing up my own contracts, inputting my own listings, and organize my own appointment

Utilizing an “assistant” is a luxury in my opinion.

So, why does the Prescott Unified School District not agree with this basic premise?

Currently, the Prescott School Board is facing a 2 million dollar budget cut that will be executed in the 2015-2016 school year. The decision of where these cuts will be made in the school district is happening in October. There have been a number of proposals presented to the board to “cut the fat”, all of which included everything from reducing the school week to 4 days to the closure of 2 elementary schools in our neighborhoods here in Prescott.

Why are there no proposals for any district budget cuts? If the board is proposing to close two Prescott schools in order to balance the budget, why is the district exempt from such cuts? So for instance, do we really need that many secretaries in the district office to run the district? Can we get by without a superintendent’s assistant?

If we let go of two secretaries, how many teaching jobs does that save? Where else can we “cut the fat” in order to save a school?

I am full of questions, and I am sure there are a lot of people in the community who also have questions. Come to the Concerned Community Meeting at 6 PM on Monday, September 22nd located at 820 E. Sheldon St. There will be childcare, including a movie and snack, so that our community can get informed and brainstorm some alternative options for budget cuts that we can present to the Prescott School Board. This decision affects property values, families, and the whole community.

WE NEED TO ACT NOW! The board makes a final decision in OCTOBER!