Real Estate Agent Training: Wealth Building for Agents

Real Estate Agent BudgetWe had such a great turnout for our last real estate agent training class, Wealth Building for Real Estate Agents with Nick Malouff, John Farmer, and Jodi Padgett on how real estate agents can better prepare for their financial futures that we’re doing it one more time for those that missed it.

By the nature of our work as independent contractors even the best agents don’t have predictable income.  We earn commissions when we sell homes, and every month is different from the last.   Adding to the challenge is that those commission checks not only have to cover our day to day costs of living, but also the costs of operating our businesses, taxes, and more.  The result is that many don’t set aside enough to be able to retire, and those that do often aren’t aware of retirement investment options that may be better suited to them.

Nick, John, and Jodi will walk you through what, when, and why you may want to use different means of investing for your retirement.  From investing in real estate within a retirement account to investing in mortgage notes or tax leins, and a whole lot of options in between, you’ll what options are out there that you might not be aware of. They’ll also cover how to work out how much you will need to set aside, explain the differences between things like IRA’s, SOLO 401k’s, 529 Plans, and more.

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