The Senseless Loss of Agent Beverly Carter Creates a Focus on Agent Safety

realtor safety in the wake of the loss of agent beverly carter

The recent news regarding the senseless murder of Arkansas agent Beverly Carter has real estate agents and brokers across the country not only stunned and saddened but also taking a serious look at what we can do within our industry to ensure our own personal safety.  While this case has been extremely high profile, it is not an isolated incident.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Dept. of Labor shows that there were 25 homicides of real estate related workers in 2013.  That’s just the homicides.  It doesn’t include robberies, sexual assaults, and other violent crimes. Continue reading “The Senseless Loss of Agent Beverly Carter Creates a Focus on Agent Safety”

Are you being served or sold? (BloomTree is about great service)

great real estate agent

There’s a big difference between working with an agent who serves you versus one who is selling. We think it’s safe to assume that you don’t necessarily want to work with an agent who is out to get your listing, but would love one whose goal is to help you sell your home.  Ditto when it comes to one who is wants to add you to their lead database versus one who wants to help you find the right house.

There’s more to giving great service as a real estate agent than being able to unlock a door or sending you a drip email of new listings.  We know that you can find just about any home that’s for sale on the internet. Just about any agent can meet you at the house and let you see it in person, too.  But it takes a higher level of commitment from the agent to be there when you’re overwhelmed, to explain what all those contract fields actually mean, to be honest enough to tell you when your house won’t likely sell because it’s overpriced or your pink kitchen is turning away potential buyers.  It takes an agent with dedication to more education than just the bare minimum required to stay legal.

Everything we do at BloomTree Realty is designed around you; the agents that we hire, the training we give them, the system that we built for them to use, and the way that we pay them.  Even this website is built for you.  It’s why we don’t force you to register to see listings, and why every listing in the MLS is here, and not just our own.   It’s also why we only hire the agents that we believe will give you the level of service you deserve, and why we invest so much in training them to the extent that we do.

Selling real estate is the task that we do.  But our business is serving, communicating what you need to know, solving problems for you, educating you, guiding you, and caring about your needs more than our own. We believe in do-unto-others.

We know that in every business, whether it’s a coffee shop or a real estate brokerage, when you put revenue first it means that customers come second (or third, or worse) but when you put customers first revenue often takes care of itself.   BloomTree Realty and our agents are here to serve.